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M. K. Kelley Smith, Owner
Equine Professional
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" The simplest of tasks being asked upon the participant reveal a entire world on nature, nurture, lessons, decision making response, resolutions, personal insight and growth.

For me, it had the ability to unlock things that had escaped me for years. As Gregorie and Kelley both said, the scope and reach of the therapy has a very long gestation period and a long reach for some things. At times I felt euphoric at the end, knowing I had accomplished a task that provided a key to unlock a door immediately. Then at times, afterwards I felt speechless and still, only to find the lessons were simmering below the surface, awaiting to reveal their meaning at a later time. Either way, the entire experience is the best thing I have ever done for myself. Spiritual on levels I can barely explain. Rather than just tools for the toolbox used for differing situations, which is lovely, EAP provided me with the ability to open the barn door for my ultimate path that I wish to walk.

Equine assisted Psychotherapy is a unique ... How the horse acts and reacts is in direct relationship to your approach and decision making. Thus, the unlocking of understanding, appreciation, reflection and personal power.


"Yes, the EAP was very helpful for me. I strengthened me physically and mentally. I had to think of what I was going to do, and make sure that I was in charge, not the horse. It helped me find direction in my life and make decisions and become an active player, and not be so passive ...I became more bold and made decisions that changed my life! It challenged me, and in the end, gave me more confidence."